Currently in v0.6.1 beta
by Richard Lewis (aka simulatoralive on sourceforge)

Notes on Libraries and programs included with JINX:
Under the usr tree in the main JINX directory, the source code to some libraries and programs that are used with JINX can be found, as well as Ant build files to compile them. The programs have been modified to work under JINX, while the libraries have simply been placed here to protect them from unscrupulos users. The regular distributions of these libraries were insufficient, because JINX needs them to be packaged in sealed JAR files. Without being sealed, any user would be able to insert a new class into their packages at runtime, compromising security. For more information on JAR file sealing, see the section on JAR files in the java tutorial.

Running JINX:

Run the command on the next line from the JINX root directory.
java -jar boot.jar
This will dynamically build a new ClassLoader to include all jar files in the bin/lib, bin/lib/kernel, and bin/lib/optional directories in the classpath.

Known bugs:
Anything marked with a "FIX ME" comment in the source code is a known bug, or a feature yet to be implemented.